Apr 12,2019 | 5 min read

Lawyered and Enhelion Collaboration

Proud to announce the collaboration between Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Private Limited [Enhelion™] and Lawyered to better serve the legalindustry. Enhelion is an organization dedicated to the advancement of professional/ practicinglegaleducation and Lawyered is a legal-techdiscoveryplatform working to bring legalonline, making it cost effective, high quality and accessible for all. Through this collaboration, Enhelion will provide its students with specialized and structured programmes created & curated by Lawyered’s reputed & reliablelegalprofessionals in different areas of law. Lawyered’s legal professional will get the opportunity of extended discoverability in the online legal education sector as well. A collaboration which will not only further push the boundaries in the legalcommunity, but also arm the budding lawyers with the tools to succeed in it!

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#MentorHours at India Accelerator by Advocate Abha Kashyap (23-Oct-2018)

#MentorHours at Nimble Coworking by Advocate A. Venayagam Balan (5-Oct-2018)

Legal Acts Knowledge Dossier by LexComply - 22 April 2019

#MentorHours at Ikeva by Advocate Alok Sonker (22-Jan-2019

#MentorHours at Ikeva by Advocate Kashu Shubhamoorty (29-Jan-2019)

#MentorHours at Ikeva by Advocate Prashant Kumar (22-Jan-2019)

#MentorHours at Ikeva by Advocate Harshal Joshi (29-Jan-2019)

#MentorHours at Ikeva by Advocate Krishna Venkat (29-Jan-2019)

#MentorHours at Skootr Offices by Advocate Nishant Nigam (19-Feb-2019)



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