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Investor Agreement

What is an investment agreement?

An investment agreement, or employer investment agreement, is a settlement to formalise a transaction between an investor and an organisation in which the investor acquires an ownership interest in an organisation in exchange for an investment of some kind. 

In specific terms, an investment agreement lets an organisation reap capital in exchange for giving away a percentage of the ownership of the organisation to the investor. 

Companies Need Capital To Scale 

Startups, growing organizations, and businesses need capital to scale, broaden operations, rent more employees, and boost their output. 

To access capital, a company may also have many options that consist of debt financing or equity financing. 

Types of “Investment Agreement”

The most common and now no longer unusual investor agreements are: 

  • Stock purchase agreement 

A stock purchase agreement is a form of investment settlement in which a person, the investor, acquires a percentage of the shares in the capital stock of your organisation in exchange for capital. 

Following the investment transaction, the investor becomes a shareholder of the organisation.

  • "Stock opportunity agreement" 

Stock opportunity agreements can be nonqualified stock options or licenced stock options. A stock opportunity gives you the "opportunity" to buy the organization's stocks in the future at a fee determined even as the options were granted. The purpose of the stock option is to allow a person to have the possibility to shop for the organization's stocks in the future for a fixed fee. 

If the rate of the organisation’s shares goes up, you could then exercise your options and purchase the now no longer unusual shares at the percentage market rate. 

  • Convertible debt agreement 

A convertible debt agreement is signed even if a person or employer agrees to lend money to the organisation but has the option to convert the loan into an ownership stake in the organization. 

The convertible debt agreement will define who may additionally have the option to convert the debt into equity. Some convertible debt devices permit the lender to choose whether to pay back the loan or convert the loan (or principal and interest) into securities of the organization. 

  • Stock purchase agreement 

A restricted stock agreement is a form of investor agreement in which the organisation is of the same opinion to issue shares to a man or woman in exchange for that person’s time and efforts into the organisation over a period of time. 

If the person does not make time and effort contributions over a selected period of time, then the person can not claim ownership of the stocks.

  • Deferred reimbursement

Deferred reimbursement is not an "investment agreement" in the traditional sense because the individual no longer retains equity ownership in the organization. 

A deferred reimbursement agreement is even if a person is of the same opinion about doing art work for an organisation nowadays in exchange for future reimbursement, sales, or bonus. 

Elements of an Investment Agreement 

Investment contracts, also called investment agreements or consumer agreements, are one of the most widely used investment tools by businesses of all sizes. 

Let’s look at the elements of an investment agreement to see how it is formulated. 

  • Parties: 

The ideal situation is for all the shareholders of the organisation, along with the investor, to be party to the investor settlement agreement. 

  • Adherence 

In the investment agreement, you generally see an adherence clause (wherein a future transferee of the stock is wanted to be subject to the same terms and conditions of the investment agreement). 

By signing a deed of adherence (or joinder agreement), the latest shareholder can be deemed to be a particular party to the investment agreement and positive through the method of its terms. 

  • Investment tranches 

In an investment settlement agreement, the parties can comply by having the investor spend money on tranches or provide a part-payment. 


This is typically the case when the investment is linked to nice dreams or milestones, such as income dreams, market launch, or product development.

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