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In order to understand the importance of technology in law, the reader must first understand what it means. Law, per se, is not pure which means it is structured around different but specific forms of knowledge, flows of information and networks of communication. On the other hand, technology is defined as the “application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”. Legal Information has grown rapidly in recent times since access to technology has been made extremely easy.  Legal Information has combined itself with technology, which now has vast application across various sectors like government sectors, corporates, startups etc. 

Purpose of Imbibing Technology with Law:

The prime objective behind mixing technology with law is it tends to increase the efficiency and productivity of legal work. With technology, management is now able to compare the performance of the different divisions, which further enables them to plan future strategies. 

Software Available for Lawfirms and Lawyers:

There are some software that enhances the performance of the Lawyers and Lawfirm and makes their working simple. Some of them are:

  1. Time and Billing Software: Such a software tracks time spent on a particular project, according to which it creates invoices.  This software is crucial for the firms and companies in the professional field as it helps create accurate time deadlines.

  1. Documentation Management: This software secures the confidential data and helps to organize, store, share and access the documents including the confidential ones.

  1. Customer Relationship Manager: This software helps in combining and consolidating all the customer’s data at one place, so that sending bulk emails, newsletters, invitations etc become easier.

  1. Finance and Accounting Software: This software helps in maintaining and tracking account books, profits, losses and all other financial information at one place, which makes it much easier and simpler for the user.

  1. Proofread and Review: This software helps proofread and review large and bulky files in a very short duration of time which any human being would take hours, therefore making it more reliable in terms of error.

  1. Case Management: It helps in maintaining cases and setting the reminders keeping all the details of the cases handy. This software proves to be less hectic for lawyers and the law firms.

  1. Knowledge Management Software: This software helps lawyers and other law professionals in sharing, publishing and organizing important documents including opinions, judgments, transaction files. It enhances the quality of work while maintaining cost effectiveness.

There are other new softwares for better experience of clients like Live Chat, Artificial Intelligence enabled document scanners for scanning large and heavy documents and other data etc. 

Importance of Technology in Law:

  1. Reduction in Errors as Technology tends to increase accuracy and transparency

  2. More reliability 

  3. Storing large amounts of data and files

  4. Easier access and time management

  5. Efficient use of resources 

  6. Greater transparency

With the benefits of technology in law, there are certain drawbacks as well, for example: a risk of cyber attack, lack of training of the user can lead to data loss or leakage or a command that can corrupt the whole device.



The inclusion of technology in law can go a long way in improving their efficiency and communication.  It creates a better legal space, transparency, reliability and increases the chances of the firm to be placed on the global map. The advancement of the technology has revolutionized the legal world and helped in achieving milestones. 

“Technology can become the wings that will allow the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before-if we will allow it.” – Jenny Arledges



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