Jul 21,2021 | 1 min read

Impact of termination of agreement in a business #LegalArena with Adv. Rajeshwari Hariharan

Lawyered presents a webinar on Impact of termination of agreement in a business. To guide through the topic, we had two eminent speakers who irons away all the what’s & how's'! δΈ€ Ms. Rajeshwari Hariharan who is the founder of Rajeshwari & Associates wherein she showcases her demonstrated knowledge of 27 years in Intellectual Property Law. Her seasoning of patent law with command in trial advocacy, and an aptitude for science and technology are the hallmarks of her skills. Ms. Megha S who is a Techno-Commercial Corporate lawyer having an experience of more than a decade.She has experience in handling a plethora of legal cases of various areas of law.


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Rajeshwari Hariharan

We focus on IP practice - that includes patent drafting, filing & prosecution. We also do trademark filing and prosecution. We have a significant litigation and advisory practice. We assist big corporates, small MSMEs, Universities, etc.