Apr 02,2021 | 1 min read

How to respond to tax show cause notice #MentorHours​ by Adv. Ramana Reddy

Taxation is an area dreaded by most, but there is no escaping from it either. The most common experience is of a tax show cause notice. What is it? How does it affect an individual or a company? How must one proceed forward? These are the most frequently asked questions from the domain. It is better to be empowered than to feel unsafe. Lawyered is pleased to announce its next session of #MentorHours on How to respond to a tax show cause notice by Adv. Ramana Reddy, who will address all these questions and more.


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Ramana Reddy

We help taxpayers protect themselves when they receive a show cause notice from the tax department by filing legal cases in Courts. We focus on tax and are not “general practitioners”. We watch updates in this space like a hawk and strive to deliver the best tax litigation and consulting service. You will always have direct access to your lawyer. Your case will not be pushed off on an assistant to handle alone.