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How to Register a Company?

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Picking the correct organization structure for your business is as significant as some other business-related action. The correct business structure will enable your undertaking to work productively and meet your necessary business targets. In India, each business must enrol themselves as a feature of the compulsory legitimate consistence. Before we figure out how to enrol an organization, we should attempt to comprehend the sorts of business structures in India.

Types of Business Structures in India

1. One Person Company (OPC)

Introduced in the year 2013, an OPC is the best way to start a company if there exists only one promoter or owner. It enables a sole-proprietor to carry on his work and still be part of the corporate framework.

2. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

A separate legal entity, in an LLP the liabilities of partners are only limited only to their agreed contribution.

3. Private Limited Company (PLC)

A company in the eyes of the law is regarded as a separate legal entity from its founders It has shareholders (stakeholders) and directors (company officers). Each individual is regarded as an employee of the company.

4. Public Limited Company (PLC)

A PLC is a voluntary association of members which is incorporated under company law. It has a separate legal existence and the liability of its members are limited to shares they hold.

You can choose what business structure suits your business needs best and accordingly register your business.

It is essential to pick your business structure cautiously as your Income Tax Returns will rely upon it. While enlisting your undertaking, recollect that every business structure has various degrees of compliances that should be met with. For instance, a sole owner needs to record just an annual government form. In any case, an organization needs to document a personal government form just as yearly comes back with the enlistment centre of organizations.

An organization's books of records are to be obligatorily evaluated each year. Submitting to these legitimate compliances requires burning through cash on inspectors, bookkeepers and expense documenting specialists. In this manner, it is essential to choose the correct business structure when considering organization enlistment. A business visionary must have a reasonable thought of the sort of the lawful compliances he/she is happy to manage.

While some business structures are moderately financial specialist well disposed than others, speculators will consistently lean toward a perceived and lawful business structure. For instance, a speculator may falter to offer cash to a sole owner. Then again, if a decent business thought is sponsored by a perceived legitimate structure (like LLP, Company, and so forth) the financial specialists will be progressively happy with making speculation.

How to Register a Company in India?

Registering a company in India is now a simple 4-step process. Here is what you’ll need to acquire:

  1. A Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)
  2. A Director Identification Number (DIN)
  3. Registration on the MCA Portal or New user registration
  4. Certificate of Incorporation

With this, we have covered the basics of how to register a company. If you still need help registering your company, don’t stress over it, and let our team of experts guide you.

A Digital Signature is a means to verify the authenticity of a software our in our case, a document. Most of the times, the Digital Signature is a copy of the physical signature however, it could also be a stamped seal which verifies the authenticity of the document and offers far more inherent security against impersonation. how to register a company.

To file for name approval for Public Companies, PLCs (Public Limited Company), OPC, NBFC etc use the RUN(Reserve Unique Name) e-form Alternatively, to file for name approval, business owners can utilize the SPICe forms. SPICe stands for Simplified Performa for Incorporating Company to register a company

To incorporate an LLP however, filing for name approval has to be done via the RUN-LLP forms.

However, before you even file for approval it is vital that you check that your company’s proposed name is not clashing with an already existing company name. You have to do this to prevent legal troubles since many times companies have performed trademark filing procedure on their company name. Use our free tool to perform a Company Name Search and avoid any clashes.


It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to choose the correct business structure to suit your businesses needs. In a way, choosing the right business structure for your business is one of the factors for its success. It is pivotal to choose the correct business structure because the Income Tax Returns, as well as, the legal compliances for the business depend on its structure.

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