Aug 20,2020 | 06 min read

How The Process Of Police Interrogation Works By Kailash Dutt Kalaskar

Police Interrogation forms an integral part of the enquiry process. It is the first step towards judicial redressal for those affected and it is the duty of the presiding officer to interrogate the accused to ascertain the nature of the crime. Both the accused and the presiding officer have specific duties in this regard. This article systematically engages with the concept of interrogation, explaining in detail what the whole notion of the police investigation is while explaining to us the rights and corresponding duties of the accused and the interrogator so that either party may be able to safeguard their interests. Kailash Dutt Kalaskar brings in his experience to explain the legal implications of police interrogation for the accused and supports his core arguments with substantial case law making it easier for people from all backgrounds to understand the complexities of the legal process. The article is a fine read and provides a gist of what constitutes the interrogation process. 

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What Can Police Do During An Interrogation? - YouTube

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