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Face to Face with Advocate Ashima Puri

  1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Ans: I am Ashima Puri Chhibbar. A Civil Lawyer by profession and concentrating on Litigation practice since enrolling in 2008. I am practising Corporate Law including advisory and transactional practice. With a team of associate advocates and para legal associates, I represent corporate houses and SMEs. I provide legal assistance involving new business laws and regulations. Labour Laws, employee contracts, tax issues, civil suits against the corporation, employee injury, patents and contracts. I guide and assist Committees resolving complaints against Sexual Harassment at workplace of various corporate clients as well.

  1. What would you say was the driving force for you to choose Law as a career?

Ans: I come from a family of Engineers and Doctors with a background of Service Class. 4 of my Cousins are Engineers; one of them is a gazetted Officer back in Punjab. My father was in defence then started his business and my sister is a Management Graduate into Marketing. I never wanted to follow the rat race and wanted to be a professional and my own boss. Thus, being a Lawyer was the best option for me. In addition, the idea of going to court and arguing new questions of law every day seemed like going on a new adventure every single day!

  1. For how long you been practising in this field?

Ans: I am into Litigation practice since I got enrolled in the year December, 2008. It's a decade now. Since, 2014 I started practicing transactional matters.

  1. What is your most memorable/interesting case?

Ans: There is no one case. I remember the case in which I secured a restraint order in favour of my client in 2012 in a Succession Matter. It was my first stay granted by the Additional District Judge in favour of a mother against her son, stating that the son cannot disposes the old aged mother from the ancestral property.

  1. What is your approach or strategy to represent a case where your ideas might not align with the clients?

Ans: When I take a client case in my hands I listen to the Client and take briefing before entering the Court Room to represent the case. Thereafter, it’s the facts, the law and truth but only the truth. Irony is people believe Lawyers are the biggest liars, but I opt to not take that route despite being a Lawyer.

  1. How far would you recommend or encourage someone to build a career in law?

Ans: One has to put a lot of efforts in building a shining career in law. It takes patience and time to build a successful career and gradually it shapes into a very promising career. I strongly recommend law as a career; I am already in love with what I do.

  1. How far could you influence a person with your point of understanding?

Ans: Honestly, I am very upfront in telling a person as to how righteous he/she is before filing a case. I can tell the person how much I know albeit I never beg the person to go with what I think. As far as influencing is concerned In my opinion knowledge is always charming and influential. 

  1. What are your thoughts about, the new law passed on Adultery?

Ans: Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code was a section which describes adultery and described it as an offence. Under this law a woman cannot be punished for the offence of adultery. Only a man who has consensual sexual intercourse with the wife of another man without his consent can be punished under this offence in India. The law became defunct on 27th September 2018 by Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court called the law unconstitutional because it treats a husband as the master.

Now, at present, in a marriage if someone "lives in adultery", the other partner can file for divorce. I simply support the view of the Hon’ble Apex Court as why only a man should be punished treating adultery as an offence. If we see the corollary only on moral grounds you cannot punish human being in exercising his/her free will to step out of a marriage. In my opinion, even otherwise, marriage is a sacred loveable bond and individual choices cannot be forced upon the other person.

  1. Tell us about a time when you received a complicated case?

Ans: I filed a custody petition on behalf of a father seeking custody of a 4 year old girl, where the mother of the girl, who got married, was trying to force the minor girl into prostitution. Cases like these are not only complicated but laced with intense emotions which makes it harder. 

  1. What challenges have you faced in helping administer justice?

Ans: Mostly, it’s the lack of education and knowledge of individual rights among people.

  1. What relevant drawbacks of the legal system would you like to share with our readers?

Ans: It’s the procedural time durations for implications of law which I believe is the biggest drawback. 

  1. Would you recommend Lawyered for an international business to get their legal queries to resolve?

Ans: Yes. Lawyered has helped me establish clientele with a Company based out of New Jersey and operationing in India. Currently, I am in the process of filing their International Trade Mark.

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