Feb 03,2021 | 1 min read

#F2FLawyered on India 2021 and Beyond: Litigation Management with Adv. Jash J Dalia

Presenting a one-of-its-kind month long talk show for general counsels to discuss the problems faced by the legal community in the global lockdown, the ways to tackle them efficiently and the key learnings and takeaways - 'India 2021 and Beyond: A Way Forward'.

The next episode brings together Mr. Nilesh Kumar, Group GC of Modi Group and Mr. Jash J. Dalia, Partner, Palladium Legal to discuss Litigation Management


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Advocate Jash J. Dalia

As an Independent Counsel Practice, I represent both Companies and Individuals before various Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Forums pan India including, but not limited to, Arbitral Tribunals. I am also on a retainer with a Partner of a top tier Indian Law Firm, M/s. IndusLaw and am a Partner of the law firm, M/s. Palladium Legal which is a dynamic, niche law having its roots in Mumbai and Delhi, India along with the United Kingdom - www.palladium-legal.com