May 31,2021 | 1 min read

#EnablingFutureLawyers on Importance of management skills in the life of law students with Adv. V Bovan Cherian Varkey

Presenting a one-of-its-kind month long talk show for chancellors/Vice-chancellors to know the present scenario of legal education and how the students are preparing themselves for the betterment of the nation.This series of events is to bring out the importance of legal knowledge and how it is equipped in the students. The next episode brings together Adv. V Bovan Cherian Varkey, Advocate, M/s Marks & Rights and Prof. (Dr.) Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor & CEO -IIIE at Sanskriti University to discuss the current scenario of legal education and why law students have management skills.


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V Bovan Cherian Varkey

Qualified legal professional with 22 years of experience in Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, and Information Technology Law. Possess deep knowledge on Court and IP Tribunal procedures. Manage all enforcement efforts, including reviewing all reported instances of patent and trademark infringements, provide advice on intellectual property matters. Got experience in drafting and vetting agreements