Apr 13,2020 | 20 min read

All about MSMEs: From Registration to Dispute Resolution by MSMEC

Author - Advocate Pallavi Parmar

Indian economy had been driven and dominated by agriculture. At present, much of it is promoted by creativity, technology, and products produced by micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. While the nation's growth story has been guided by agricultural improvisation and the development of service industries in the last century, in this century, it is mainly small innovative business improvisations in the technology, manufacturing, and service industries that fuel economic growth and investment.

The Government has recommended what is known as the MSME registration to incentivize further business owners to take the risk of becoming a structured system – whether micro, small or medium. Whether you are an established business owner or have a future idea that can be created, there are the distinct benefits that an MSME Registration can confer. « Read more »

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