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Affordable Solutions for Legal Empowerment | Triple A Solution by Lawyered

It will be false to conclude that now the people of this country are assured to have free and affordable access to justice, which is a basic human right. The legal services of all kinds have gone to the highest bidders and hence expensive for many. Those who are wealthy and can afford and resort to legal help get the best legal service. But in order to maintain ‘rule of law’, both rich and poor should be able to access law. Although the legal profession has explored many options for reducing the cost of legal service and enhancing the services in past years, it has not been  completely successful enough.   

Providing Legal Advice is one of the most crucial functions of the legal services. In a traditional setup, the advocates may give their legal advice based on fixed fee method or pro-hourly method. In the recent age, the consultation happens mostly in telephonic setup or through the internet by organizing  meetings over zoom. The litigants now can avail the service of legal opinion from the advocates pan India through telephonic conversation or zoom calls. 

Lawyered, a tech-legal startup provides affordable solutions and legal advice to many multinational corporates and organizations. Some of the subscriptions that Lawyered provides are  ‘Lawyered on Wheelz’ for private vehicles and 'Lawyer on the Spot' for commercial vehicles providing affordable On Road Legal Assistance to its members. Another subscription i.e. Startup Membership for new entrepreneurs in the industry provides affordable solutions and tips regarding their new business setup. For those individuals who want to seek legal opinions from the specialized advocate through a call or by conducting video calls at zoom etc, can avail Lawyered’s subscription of ‘Lawyered for Lawyer’.


‘Lawyered on Wheelz’ for Private Vehicles: LoWZ 24x7 helpline helps prevent private vehicle owners from getting into a troubled situation and paying the extra cost to the authorities. With the 24x7 helpline, the owner of the private vehicle can give a call to the in-house team at any time and report any issue  that they may be facing while on road. The in-house team of experts will handle the situation and, if required, also assist in providing a lawyer to the concerned parties.

'Lawyer on the Spot' for Commercial Vehicles: “Lawyer On The Spot” is for those Commercial Transporters who travel daily on the roads but face various issues and legal challenges on their duty like Unlawful Detentions, FIR issues, E-way Bill issues etc.which eventually cause delay, disruption of service and huge loss of profit.

As a subscriber of “Lawyer On The Spot”, you can avail our affordable services PAN-India, instant on-call resolution 24*7, legal awareness and guidance for travel, automated notification/ reminders for the enrolled vehicles, personalized vehicle assistant, instant on-the-spot legal representation by a local/nearby lawyer and many others.

Startup Membership for New Entrepreneurs: Lawyered Startup Membership is for those Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who work meticulously and tirelessly for their startups, and at the same time, their legal hurdles are taken care of by us.  

It provides a penumbra of affordable services that can be availed by a member of the Lawyered Startup Membership. The Membership offers its subscribers many services that include verified and personalized agreements, quick solutions and answers to all legal queries, a systematic and organized problem-solving approach, and timely intimation of government notifications and information.

Lawyered for Lawyers: Lawyered provides public access to a wide range of affordable lawyers who are specialized in the different areas of law which is broadcasted on the website of Lawyered in the name of ‘Lawyered for Lawyer’. The public can avail the subscription of this product at an affordable value and can book an appointment with these specialized lawyers to address their legal issues.

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