Kolkata | 15 Nov, 2020 (2 years, 2 months ago)

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Unable to recover an debt from a office friend.

My friend borrowed INR 7500 in the month of March, he said he would return the month end however then COVID-19 lockdown started. It has been several and everytime I call him says that he will return it today or tomorrow morning. However he never returns it. All the transactions were made online( bank to bank/UPI). I have given him two bank account details and several UPI ids however he says he is unable to transfer the amount online. I have asked him to meet me physically however he never a turns up stating that he was busy in some work. Please help.
05 Dec, 2020 | 21:31

You may first send a legal notice to your friend demanding the payment of money within a definite time period, for example, 15 days. If he does not pay the money still, you may file a criminal complaint against your friend before a court of law praying for punishment to be imposed on your friend under relevant provisions of Indian Penal Code such as section 420 which relates to cheating. In these criminal proceedings, you cannot seek your money back from the court but it will put pressure on your friend to return the money back. For recovery of money, a civil suit can be filed against your friend but that is not a very viable option considering that small amount of money is involved and you may end up spending more in contesting the court case.


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