Hyderabad | 16 Mar, 2021 (2 years ago)

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threat by neighbour, false allegations, abusive language usage

I and neighbour both are females residing on rent in Hyderabad. My bedroom window open near to her main door. She puts dirty things like garbage, shoe rack beneath my window. I and my landlord interrupted once but she didn't changed. She don’t want me to open that window. One day we had a fight as she put false allegation on my 10yr. old daughter for putting water on her inverter and I reverted back by saying that your son plays with ball in corridor and he has broken my things which is true. Next day, she fixed a camera on her wall which is quite visible from my window. She gathered people from our apartment and went to secretary shouting loud at me and now she says dirty and abusive things for me that she will capture what we do at night from her camera and show to everyone (which is all nonsense). She says that she will collect evidences and will file a police complain against me. I don’t know for what? Every time she opens her door she threaten me, and talk nonsense about me. I don’t want to stretch this matter but if need arise then pls. suggest what should I do? Can I impose some charges on her like defamation etc.? We are simple people and had done nothing wrong. Pls. sugges

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