Jaipur | 23 Dec, 2018 (8 months, 4 weeks ago)

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Tenants beaten and falsely claimed of creating nuisance

The water and motor electricity bill are common in our apartment Lately, I have started collecting all the bills. I got to know that took double bill from me earlier. The woman whose's bills I paid earlier tried to threaten me saying that our area inspector is her relative. She didn't give the bills of past three months and went somewhere. When she returned I asked her to pay the amount, but she hit me in the eye and called the local policeman Vinod. She pre-planned everything because she already had three false witnesses. The policeman vinod told that I should shift somewhere else. I showed my eye which she punched and also the bills she didn't give. Instead of taking my side he pushed me to give my landlord's number. At the station I was inquired by other policeman who called Vinod and than passed my FIR to a lady inspector. No one listened to me and instead the lady inspector said that she could put me into the lockup for nuisance I caused the old woman. I want to teach her a lesson. Please tell me what should I do. I have nil knowledge of laws.

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