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stopped Home loan EMI,

I have taken home loan on 2012 Rs.11 lakhs and I have taken another 5.5Lakhs top up loan on 2016, and 2018 I have taken another top up loan around 8.5Lakhs on 2018 and continuously paid. after 6 months i stopped the payment because of my personal financial issue. I rented my house, one day bank person came and stick the notice in our flat door, then I went to bank and spoke to the bank person, and I told I have a financial problem so we can not repay the amount so kindly take the home and do the needful, but bank person told me we can not do like that we have a procedure and do asap. then what is the solution i asked, he told me to sale the house and pay the amount or you have to continue the EMI. i search one buyer in the same flat he like to buy the house, he was processing loan on another bank and my document copies given to be buyer he is verifying the document, they found document error and they stopped to buy a flat. I came to know, at the time of registration they wrongly mentioned the power document no instead of parent document no. and I went to bank and discuss about the issue, the bank person told me to rectify the document have to spend around 4 to 5 Lakhs (its like new

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