Pune | 02 Oct, 2021 (1 year, 1 month ago)

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SRA property division for inherited property not happening

My sister and I have inherited 2 blocks of SRA scheme property after death of parents. We have agreed to divide 1 block each. But she is bed ridden and documentation is pending. Her son is creating problems, inspite of having asked him many times. What is the option available wherein I can take charge of my part. Since I don't have any income source (lost job in Covid situation), am planning to rent it out But cannot do a Registered agreement as no documentation is on my name. What is the way out wherein I can get my part transferred on my name legally (light meter and Corporation Tax) and proceed with renting out
03 Oct, 2021 | 08:28

Please give me details information about the matter then I can advise you
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