Vasai-Virar | 06 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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Society is charging fine to tenant for keeping 20 ltr water bottles

Hi We are tenant of a flat in Vasai. We are residing here since last 2 years and also have a shop on rent within the same building. The flat in which we are residing is located on the ground floor on the extreme dead end of the building. We have free open space outside of the flat which is used to keep 5-6 water bottles of 20 ltrs. As we do not have enough space in the shop. It was all okay till last month and now when the secretary has changed he is demanding a fine of Rs. 500/- per month saying that we are using society's common area for keeping the bottels. To be very presice my flat is at the dead end of the building which is at the opposite end of the entrance. The space where bottles are kept is under the flats window area thus not disturbing anyone from the building. No such notice has been issued earlier informing that such fines would be imposed. Fine is 5 times more than a normal car parking rent being levied. I am assuming that the secretary has some personal grudge and doing this purposely. Can the society levy such charges ? What measures should i take to teach the secretary a lesson so that he does not try to threaten in future.
06 Sep, 2021 | 22:49

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