Lucknow | 30 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

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Seller of flat refusing to give parking

My 84 year old mother bought a flat but the seller refused to hand over the parking allotted to him by the builder saying he had paid seperately. My mother is old lady with a mentally challenged daughter has no income other than her husband's pension. Can the first owner has right to parking? Can my mother sue him for cheating?
31 Jul, 2021 | 09:38


I believe this to be an housing society, once the person sold the flat his membership is over and you can either ask society to provide you parking spot

Adv Shailendra Dubey

30 Jul, 2021 | 14:19

Dear sir
You can send legal notice through your advocate and can claim your easementary right
For advise please mail me on


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