Pune | 23 Oct, 2018 (4 years, 5 months ago)

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Restaurant open adjacent to the society gate

Hi, There is a dairy shop open adjacent to the society gate, which is part of the first bldg of the society. The entry gate is separate for the shop. But the due to the nature of the shop, too much crowd gathers near the society gate, with people drinking tea and smoking all round the time. Can we take any legal action against the shop activity, since it is creating a lot of nuisance to the society people.

hi, yes you can lodge a complaint against the shop. But, firstly you have to send him and the owner of the shop a notice stating them that, the shop keeper is creating nuisance and gathering of people with smoking around making the housing society vulnerable and making the residents life miserable and danger to the children living in the society. then file a complaint with the local police to take action against the gathering and smoking people.


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