Hyderabad | 25 Nov, 2019 (3 years, 4 months ago)

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regarding seek of divorce for my sister with her concern

in 2014 my sister was married in a family. my were told that the boy is doing his master's and working as well (which was wrong, we came to know about it after marriage, and few more things ,like their property was not what they had told while marriage etc). they demanded for many things after marriage even after getting so many things during marriage, when my parents refused to give a single penny, they started torturing my sister mentally and she got health issues . later when she gave birth to a girl, they didn't accepted the child for few months and then they took her to their home, after 2 years she gave birth to another girl child and they were very disappointed about this and started abusing mother and child at their home. (in between they aborted a child in her womb). recently her in law's tried voilentic act with my sister by trying to hit her and threatened her not to say a single word about this. few days ago we came to know that her husband is having an affair from a long time, we don't have exactly any proof but there a witness about it.... my sister don't want to stay there anymore....she is seeking for divorce... can you advice where to start from... thank you
Vidya Sharadha
05 Dec, 2019 | 10:27

Assuming, your sister marriage comes under "Hindu Marriage Act"; Divorce can be of two types - Mutual consent (where both husband and wife agree to divorce) or Contested (One of the party seeks divorce ). Initially, a legal notice has to be sent giving a time-frame to respond, thereafter depending on the outcome, suit has to be filed. Even after filing of the suit at court, you can ask for mediation and arrive at a settlement so as to avoid long legal battles. However, getting the case resolved at Mediation depends on the opposite party also. Identify a local lawyer who would be easily accessible and who will be able to complete the case at mediation level. You can also lodge a compliant with jurisdictional police station under Domestic Violence Act .

Riya Malhotra
26 Nov, 2019 | 15:51

Thank you for your query. We can get it done for you. Request you to send us an e-mail and your phone number so that the customer operations team can reach you out. Also, you can contact us at +91-8448948496


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