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Process to create a cultural committee in a Bengaluru apartment society

Our apartment is three year old and still under builder maintenance. There is an association built to take handover from builder and also for effective follow-ups of apartment maintenance. In this situation, can we build a cultural committee? What will be the powers for such cultural committee? Can there be multiple such cultural committees or groups in an apartment?
17 Oct, 2022 | 14:33

1. Let the by laws of proposed/ mandatory Association be framed and the same must be registered as per the provisions of relevant State Housing Co operative Housing Society/Society Registration Act / relevant act.
2. Generally, the objective of promoting Cultural Activities are well stated in the Memorandum of Association and the Managing Committee of Association perform the function collectively/or may constitute separately Cultural Committee/ Committees consisting of appropriate number of resource persons amongst the members of the Association and the same may be either working under the Secretary of the Association / or nominated Coordinator as per recommendation of the Association.
3. Apart from the Association, the residents consisting of members and residents of the Society may have private or personally constitute Cultural Committee to cater to such cultural activities which may be collectively approved by such private grouping.
4. Cultural Committees in the Apartment may be either part of MC or function independently but nevertheless, ideally supplement and complement the MC cultural activities.
5. The independent Cultural Committee of the Apartment do not have absolute independent Powers as their decision/ activities are subject to and must be not at contravention of the Aims and Objectives of the Memorandum of Association and the decisions of AGM pertaining to any Cultural Activity or functioning at Apartment premises.
6. Right to form Association and perform Religious/ Cultural function is guaranteed Fundamental Right as per our Constitution, course with appropriate restriction and therefore apart this stipulation any activity in Apartment must also conform to Registered Association and even independent Cultural committee functioning should conform to all the decisions of MC & AGM.

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