New Delhi | 11 Feb, 2021 (1 year, 7 months ago)

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parking didpute in society

Hi I have builder flat in South Delhi lal Dora devli society which have 24 flats , I have registry and nationalized bank home loan. Building have 2 staircases and each staircases shared 12 12 flats as can consider bock A & B. Builder have mentioned common car parking in all 24 registries and made parking below the B block ground floor, which can only cater 10 car parking. Below the A block at G/F space of parking builder made 3 small flats which is not part of the sanctioned map of mcd. Till now all 24 occupants were using the available common car parking slot from last 12 years, now the B block occupants are saying this parking is only for B block A block have no right and sent us a legal notice. So what are the possibility- Can we approach mcd to demolished these 3 G/F flats in parking which are not part of sanctioned mcd map? Can we file suite against builder for our parking area? Our B block neighbours can also be a party in suite? Any other solutions?

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