Chennai | 28 Apr, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

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Nuisance by neighbour and threatening by house owner

My family shifted to a new flat in 1st fllor on 3.4.21 on rent with the agreement stating 3 months notice period to be given by either party on the expiry of 11 months period. The house owner's son who manages the affairs is residing in the adjoining flat. On 11.4.21, a carpenter's family of four occupied the 2nd floor flat exactly over and above our head on rent from the same house owner. Since then they have been making lot of noise like hitting the ground with hammer, dragging cot or something again and again and dropping some heavy item abruptly , all these in intermittent periods. We requested them not to make noise as our two college going lads are attending online classes, also we could not take rest this being the month of Ramzan and citing the health conditions. But they did not heed to it and hence I complained to the house owner's son almost daily, both in person and also through messaging at times. But he said,' We don't hear any noises. Further, I can only tell them. What else I can do?'. Fed up with this nuisance daily, I told an acquintance who is in a political party regarding our problem. He spoke to the house owner's son over phone and requested him to intervene.
30 Apr, 2021 | 00:08

You can file a criminal case of actionable nuisance against the tenant at the upper floor. 9013429126

29 Apr, 2021 | 01:27

You can send a legal notice for them to stop causing nuisance to you. If they don't stop even then, then you may have to approach the police.

28 Apr, 2021 | 11:22

Dear client
This is Matter of nuisance which is causing incovenience
You can send legal notice through your advocate to owner and neighbours for stoppage of nuisance
If you want legal advise then you can call me on mobile no 9359867870


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