Nashik | 04 Mar, 2023 (3 months ago)

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Neighbours are abusive and wantedly talk loudly to instigate us.

In our neighborhood, there is a house in which the tenant who is an old lady of age group 50-60 talks too loudly on phone sitting outside her room so we politely asked her to lower the voice as we were getting disturbed but she replied rudely then we also informed the same to the owner and she said that she will educate them once but same problem was recurring multiple times and we informed the same to owner but there was no constructive solution. Day before yesterday as usual during night time the lady was sitting out with her husband and talking loudly the we informed the Neighbour and owner came to inform the same to tenant and then she started indirectly taunting us as a result of which we had to confront them. Yesterday night the tenants vacated the room on their own and the owner was shouting loudly in front of them wantedly to instigate us so that we come out and they would get a chance to verbally fight with us which we didn't do obviously. We have the recorded proof of what all the owner said and how she tried to instigate us. I want to know what legal actions we can talk so that a lesson can be taught to such morons!?
05 Mar, 2023 | 09:40

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