Rajkot | 20 Jan, 2023 (2 months ago)

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Need to file check return case, advise needed

I know I made a mistake, I gave one person which was used to be my friend. I gave him 15 lac for investment in a period of 1-2 years. He gave me return for 1 year and then stopped. Not giving anything back or replying. We have done all transactions through online bank transfers only. So basically he gave me profit for one year or so so my basic amount he has returned so far but the irony is that. I haven't kept any profit with me. I gave him again for re-investment, in short, I haven't got any money with this investment. Silly me. I want to file a check return case as he gave me a check for security but unfortunately, we haven't done any agreement that I have given him funds for "investment", so is there any possibility that he can argue that he borrowed money and return my all money. so this way he don't have to pay anything? Any other way he can sue me too? What I can do in this situation?

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