Mumbai | 10 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

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My to be husband was in a live in relationship... For more than 6 years.. things

Things dnt work... Now the Girl refuses to vacate his home sayn That my to be hubby got him here in his house... To my knowledge live in takes plc in homes not street... Can u plz guide us to help her vacate the house the house is in my guys name n he's paying the maintenance too... Pls our marriage is on rocks as we hv no home to stay except Whr his girl friend is residing.. Pls guide me
11 Jul, 2021 | 19:13

First serve a legal notice of illegal occupation and for evacuation granting her a reasonable time. if she do not vacate the house then file a case for evacuation before the civil court. meanwhile also try to ensure that the girl is locked out from having access to the house by changing key and staying away from the house. be also cautious that the girl may retaliate with false cases against your to be husband which might take a very ugly face but if you can bear that hardship and tackle that with a good lawyer then you can both get that girl away from the life and house of your to be husband.

11 Jul, 2021 | 13:41


You have to take the civil remedy mostly there are high chances of false domestic violence case but this would be only pressure tactic , so that you do t pursue legal case .

Adv Shailendra Dubey


11 Jul, 2021 | 06:29

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