Pune | 30 Aug, 2017 (5 years, 6 months ago)

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Moving consumer case from state Consumer Circuit bench Pune to Mumbai fourm ?

We have filed a case in State consumer forum Circuit bench Pune for delay in Possession of a Flat against the builder in Pune. Case was filed in Nov 2014 and after lots of dates finally it had arrived for final arguments for both the parties. However, sate bench Pune is not getting conducted in regularly, earlier it was not functioning for more than 6 months. Now also state forum is not regularly conducted. Cases are moved next date which is most of the time after 3 months. I wanted to know if we can move our case against the Builder to Mumbai state forum. Considering this delay is helping builder it will be difficult to get builder's consent for this move. Hence can the party unilaterally move the case to State forum in Mumbai ? Appreciate any help, thank you. Abhijeet

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