Navi Mumbai | 06 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

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L & L agreement executed for 11 month from 18 Feb but Tanent not paying rent.

11 month l&l agreement executed with tenent from 18th Feb 2021. As per agreement Security deposit was Rs 100000.00 and rent was 30000.00 per month. He gave two cheque of 50000 each but 1st cheque I deposited in bank was dishounered and he paid Rs 40000.00 online. He told that not to deposit next cheque I will pay very soon but not transferred after that. During this period he transferred total rs 40000+30000+30000=100000 only. Each time he promise for paying rent but don't pay so far. I already serviced one month notice two moth back vai WhatsApp to vacate the flat but neither vacating the flat nor praying rent. What action to taken against him. Legal notice required to be served to him . Please advice
07 Sep, 2021 | 09:26

You can send legal notice through your advocate and can claim rent of premises
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06 Sep, 2021 | 17:57

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