Kollam | 24 May, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

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I need divorce from my husband bcoz he mentally and emotionally torchers me.

we only styed together for 10 to 15 days together hardly after that he left to gulf country and i work in delhi m staying with my parents and his parents are in kerala. Even though we are far but we talk to each other 24 hrs but still he has doubt on me that i have an afair and he talks so much dirt about my parents and other family member that there is no limit he is very abusive towards me also. He tries to threaten me by doing sucide attempts and he has attempted so many times that recently he has consumed 10 to 15 tablets together, and for god sake nothing happened to him. He has crossed the limits. I don't know wat to do but i want to leave him i cannot get torchered by myself. Need divore.
24 May, 2021 | 15:28


You can apply for divorce on the ground of cruelty if both of you are Hindus.

For further queries, feel free to contact me on 7601090381 or advsanjaynarayandas@gmail.com

24 May, 2021 | 07:02

What's up no 9359867870

Asker 24 May, 2021 | 13:35

I got married in kerala so do i need to visit for this and i do not have marraige certificate

Asker 24 May, 2021 | 13:34

Can i get the divorce fast or will it take time

24 May, 2021 | 07:02

Respected madam
As per your submission it reveals that this is a matter of divorce
As per settled principal of law specially Hindu marriage Act cruelty is ground for divorce
You can call me for advise on mobile no 9359867870


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