Hyderabad | 28 Sep, 2018 (11 months, 3 weeks ago)

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I need compensation for me n my 3+ old son.

Married since June 2010,since then tortured for mentally n physically.i have complaint in 2016 n 2018, but FIR copy was destroyed by him.he falsely complaint against me by his friend n wife for Disturbing them n made me write apology.they keep my gold given by my parents n them n told me that for my marriage they kept in bank.and took 1.25 from me to give it back in 2017 n 2018.i was shocked that my husband too knew about it.he never take responsibility of me n my son.he fight so.much that I go back to cuttack.my native place.we went through counsellor too.but it's waste.they abuse me badly n misbehave n physically tortured me.im jobless now n so do he.he was telling without his job I can't claim for compensation.since we stay together I can't.he said since this property belongs to his mother's mamaji,I can't claim.n he had good relation with big lawyer.im disturbed.thinking only about my son.though I'm searching a job but couldn't find one.plz help.he hides that he is dietetics n SC caste.he was caught cheating me during pregnancy n was warned by his family.heis denying that my son is not his son that's y not interested to pay for him.though he does little.always use abusive lang.

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