Coimbatore | 02 Nov, 2021 (1 year, 4 months ago)

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I got a cheque of rupees 1 lakh which has been bounced, I would like to sue

I gave 2lakhs to a person 2 years ago on a oral promise he will return it back in 3 months, but he just have 50k as of now also he gave cheque for 1 lakh which has been bounced, Can you suggest what should I do next to get my money back
05 Nov, 2021 | 14:05


First try and send a legal notice and see the response of that person to that legal notice.

03 Nov, 2021 | 07:26

Dear client
You can send legal notice through your advocate and can claim the refund of money
You can file complaint under section 138 of Negotiable instruments Act
For advise please mail me on

02 Nov, 2021 | 17:40

Dear Sir,

As per the law you will need to send a mandatory legal notice within 30 days of bouncing of the cheque in order to commence criminal Legal proceedings against the accused.

Please contact the below email/number for further discussion:
81782 58430


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