Faridabad | 01 May, 2018 (4 years, 10 months ago)

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i am in a partnership but do not have the deed.

In April 2014, I along with two other person got into a partnership to start a business. within two months these two partners replaced themselves with their relatives. The business was going on and all the documents of the firm were at the office ( which was office of one of the erstwhile partner). After about an year of the working the contract which the firm had been working on was terminated by the client, without paying of the dues of our firm. initially, the other partner showed faith in me and we invoked arbitration. As the arbitration process since 2 years has not come to an end, the other partners have stopped making their financial contributions as agreed orally. My problem is that I do not even have the partnership deed. I know it was registered but do not know how to get the document. the partner who had it is not willing to share the same with me. how do I get the copies of the original partnership deed, supplementary deeds, retirement deeds etc. Please guide me. Thanks
25 Jun, 2018 | 12:17

In case it was an LLP registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, you may be able to procure it from the official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.


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