Hyderabad | 29 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 11 months ago)

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I am being mentally harassed by a professor and being threatened .

I am a b.ed student. My college ( affiliated to Osmania university)has just one faculty and he has the portfolio of principal too. This professor only speaks in telegu. I have been give very less internalarks in it whereas in extnal my score is quite well. I am being threatened that I will be failed if I raise my voice against any management . My assignments are given to other students for being copied . I am continuously being given less marks. Please guide me to deal with this education mafia. This college pays external and give marks themselve .They have a college of just 2 rooms as per Ncte their principal is not qualified. Please guide me how should I approach the problem I am planning to apply for grievance cell in Osmania University but I also want to take legal aginst these people. This college is being run by just 4 people - one professor/ principal, one chairman , his wife and an accountant. Sir they pay everyone who comes for inspection. Even externals are also paid not to take viva. I have evidences in which people accepted that they pay for assignments and for not attending practicals.
29 Jun, 2021 | 17:31

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