Jaipur | 10 Jul, 2021 (1 year, 8 months ago)

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How can I get share in my parental house (both parents expired)

Plot/House is in a city area in the name of my mother who died intestate. Property not yet transferred to the children who live in the house. Equitable division not possible. All agree to sell the property except one who does not want to move. Is there any legal remedy?
11 Jul, 2021 | 19:15

Dear client the one who do not want to sell can get his portion of the property separated from the rest which can be sold by consent of all the rest members.

11 Jul, 2021 | 13:45


Yes , if not agreeing approach court , he would have no choice , either buy the property or sell

11 Jul, 2021 | 06:31

Dear client
You can file suit for partition and separate possession as per provision of law
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