Bhubaneswar | 02 Sep, 2021 (1 year, 6 months ago)

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Got in trouble for posting a picture from my old school magazine. It had names.

I recently posted a picture from our school magazine on Instagram and it created an outrage which felt unnecessary to me. I am an ex student of that school. And in that page there were written names of our principal's grand daughters. And when the magazine first came out in 2010. My classmates found it ridiculous that the grand daughters out of which 2 were not even a part of school had their names on the magazine. And after I put that up with their names on it. I wrote "what the F was this about" it was meant as a joke for my classmates after all these years. And I started getting calls from my principal's family saying they I have committed a crime etc. Is this not freedom of speech? I didn't even express my opinion I just sarcastically posed a question.
02 Sep, 2021 | 19:44

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