Aurangabad (Maharashtra) | 09 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 9 months ago)

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Enceoahment on Agi land

A widow women neighber,encroched my agri land,saying that ,she is owner of encroached land, where as i have purched,it,from her father inlaw,,admeasuring 1 hector 8 R,actually she also having 1 hector 8 R,land on record,but actually,it is less than record,threatening .me tlo lodge police complain, against me,i am helpless to give her advice that ,the land should be measured by Bhumi Abhilekh officer,but she is not ready for,paying govt.fees,what action should be taken,please advice
10 Jun, 2021 | 00:56


Land is more imp than the fees , get your land measured as you said she is in possession approach the court for declaration of your title

Adv shailendra dubey


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