Delhi | 29 Apr, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

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I left the job without serving notice period now my employer send me full nd final settlement by saying if i dont pay this 20000 they will take legal action i was on my probation period also it was not 90 days completed what can i do in this situation
29 Apr, 2021 | 19:39

i need to read the service agreement as well as the notice before commenting on this matter. You can take my assistance in defending your case

29 Apr, 2021 | 13:42

You can show me copy of notice
You can call me for advise on mobile no 9359867870

29 Apr, 2021 | 13:32

You can send your employment contract soft copy and notice from employer to, would be happy to give it a read and advise accordingly based on that contract.


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