Mumbai | 15 Jan, 2018 (5 years, 2 months ago)

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1. Product information in terms of manufacturing month, year and manufacturer name, importer name etc is always printed in the box of a new mobile phone. 2. I was not given the box and at the time of purchase I did not realize the importance. Now my phone is defective. I want to know the manufacturing month, year to understand how old my phone is. The authorized dealer of the company now tells me they do not know the manufacturing month, year for this new phone and that it is their policy to give the phone to the customer and send the box back to the company head office in India and shockingly the head office company in India too agrees this is their policy in written communication to me. I understand, very strange but it has indeed happened. The guidance I request is under which Act/Law is the company which has its registered office abroad and head office in India is in violation of not providing rudimentary details like manufacturing month, year, importer name, manufacturer name etc to consumer. Does this come under Unfair Trade Practice. If yes, which specific section, page number can you refer to me for me to understand more in detail. Thank you in advance.

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