Faridabad | 17 Sep, 2017 (5 years, 8 months ago)

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R\Sir, i have given 10 lac loan to my friend by cash. he give me 2 signed blank cheque & now trf only 2 lac in my bank a\c. he give me false promise. after that some of my known person come in this matter & make pressure to settle this issue then my friend give me plain paper signed agreement in which he promise to return my money in a two months. But now after passed agreement date period, he refuse to pay my money back. But i have no written or any other proof that i have paid money to him. its all verbal commitments. but my 2-3 friends ready to say that i have given money to him. Plz tell me what i do to recover my money? will i make police complaint on basis of that plain paper agreement & my other friends as verbal evidence & will police make FIR against him under 420? is any possibility police officer make register case under ipc 420 against him so that he doesnot get bail? plz tell me. thanks

Your last desire that ur erring friend shouldnot get bail is a wishfull dream . If he is concerned about getting into police clutches ,arrest and production court with threat of judicial remand , he may come forward for settlement. Other wise he will fight it out as civil dispute and criminal court shouldnot entertain the same. So make out a correct complaint that with intent to deceive u , he has taken the money from u. Consult an efficient criminal lawyer and he will draft your complaint in report form to police first. If the police donot take action , then a private case has to be filed .Try .Goodluck.


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