Bengaluru | 13 Mar, 2021 (2 years, 2 months ago)

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Car Seizure along with Owner

There were 3 pending emi’s for the extended moratorium period(June,July,August) for which Kotak prime had initially given moratorium(have email stating moratorium has been extended for me). But withdrew the same a month later saying ineligibility and told previous communication is not legally binding and useless. We were told to pay the whole amount together. We had sought time for repayment of the 3 said emi’s and continued to pay other emi’s regularly to which bank agreed. Now they suddenly sent legal notice and seized vehicle mid road and took the vehicle directly to impound lot along with owner of the vehicle by saying they’re taking to the bank. The owner was left stranded and asked to take the things inside and leave. Would like to know how can I get the vehicle released by paying these 3 pending emi’s and if they refuse to accept what can be done ? I was not given any surrender letter or any written confirmation that they’ve claimed the vehicle.

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