New Delhi | 02 Feb, 2018 (5 years, 1 month ago)

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Can 12 DV be filed even aftet 6 years of divorce, both live in separate states

Dear sir, my brther got divorcrd in 2012 and after that we had also won the cases with section, 125& 498A, 501from bither lower an upper court in 2015, since the girl had filed false case and my brother is un employed now, since due these false cases, he went into sever depression and is unable to revover from shock. Now after so many years of winning cases. His wife has sent notice under section 12DV to enture family. Is it possible to file this case even after being separated for more than 6 years and living in separate states. Moreover, the section 125, left her with no maintenance as my brother not mentally capable to support himself only. Please advice.

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