Mumbai | 28 Apr, 2017 (5 years, 11 months ago)

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Becuse I am served legal notice by the hotel.

I am paid member of the hotels x( name not disclosed) and paying amount of 12000 rs yearly. Recently in Feb I seen a cocroches in 5 star while dining and I informed them paid them and put the Reivews on social Media.They approched me to remove the Reivews and conivced for the comim complimentary services of Spa pool and brunch. As we were paid members and Membership is not cancelable we have to accept it. During that in spa treatments they applied some products claiming it suits all skins without discussing and disclosing. After that as they asked be to give positive reives on good faith I gave them Reivews for the invitation,sunddenly my skin in few days developed rashes and hives . To track the reason when I looked at toiletries given they were already expired. I asked my membership team they refunded me my annual fees as soon as they knew about my allergies. I kept in Asking the hotel and Membership team for same and told them the same. Since of the rigrous following up they have sued me for Harrasment and given criminal and civil notice which is factually incorrect. Pls advice
05 May, 2017 | 20:31

You would have to defend yourself in case they have filed a suit against you. In reply, you should file a counter case for harassment as well as claim compensation from consumer courts for the rashes due to use of expired products. Furthermore, you should complain to the food and safety department about the unhygienic conditions in the dining areas and ask for closure of the hotel.


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