New Delhi | 25 Dec, 2016 (6 years, 5 months ago)

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article 65 limitation act

Son died on 25th feb 2005. Mother had inherited share in predeceased son property.Mother died on 20 jan.2007. I as brother can claim share in brother property.When statutary provision of 12 years time of adverse posession would run out in my case to claim by mother inherited share in predecesed son property. Would I be entited to fresh start after the death of mother regarding this 12 years period of adverse possession which can be become adverse to plaintiff(me)
11 Jan, 2020 | 13:24

If Son's Father is Alive and Son had any other siblings father and other Siblings will inherit the Property after Son's Mother death. death. Presuming Further if your Sister don't have Husband your are the only heir Left you can claim the inheritance. If your sister had other Siblings then Property she owned will divided between all of you .


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