Mumbai | 29 Jul, 2018 (4 years, 10 months ago)

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HI, I m living in Mumbai, My sister she is in Delhi. And my parents live in Himachal Pradesh. Few months back my mom went to stay with my sister just for her change. At that time my relative (My fathers younger Brothers Wife) blow a news that my sister ran away and got married. That was not true. she is still single. After a month my mom and sister came back from Delhi. All people were seeing them. They ignored. But a day after my neighbor asked my mom regarding this. They told the matter to my mom. So what i have to do in this matter? should i file a case against them?
Sarthak Malhotra
22 Aug, 2018 | 10:59

The courts recognise your right to a good reputation in the society subject to some exceptions. If you are willing to file a case against them, you may go ahead and file a case for civil/criminal defamation. However, I suggest that you should have a detailed discussion with a lawyer about your options and the litigation strategy to adopt.


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