Balurghat | 03 Jun, 2021 (1 year, 10 months ago)

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A girl is threatening me to put my name on her suicide note after 4 year of brea

I broke up with her 4 years ago .after that she got into another relationship but suddenly she is threatening me that all her problem in life is for me and now she wants to commit suicide and told me she will put my name on suicide note.
04 Jun, 2021 | 23:52

Okay so you need a good lawyer who can help you get over such situation. I will help you not only in safeguarding yourself but also ensuring that the girl stop harassing you like this. You may contact me on 9013429126. My charges are according to the paying capacity of my clients.

04 Jun, 2021 | 08:39


What are the specific allegations that is she making against you?

You can contact me with complete information and queries at


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