07th May, 2021 (1 hour, 49 minutes ago)
Property Law
Land dispute

Hello Sir 1. Our grandfather and his father used to live in a village and they had agricultural land of about 15 acres. Due to grandfather's father's health issue and they move to the city, At the time due to urgent ne…

07th May, 2021 (2 hours, 37 minutes ago)
Property Law
Can a release deed be cancelled claiming that one signed without reading deed ?

Below are the details of the property partitioning made between me, my mother and my younger sister. Properties: A two storey house under my father's name ( my father died 11 years ago) - lower level built by m…

06th May, 2021 (5 hours, 10 minutes ago)
Civil Law

There is an problem In the building where we live a person below started hotel in bldg premises and he had hired a flat for their waiters and chefs exactly next to our house( our room no is 1 and where the waiters s…

06th May, 2021 (5 hours, 50 minutes ago)
Criminal Law
It is not abuse of Law/Justice/Power

After breaching Internal protection order respondent applied u/s 482 for quashing and got relief.Due lock down he enjoying relief more than 2 years and harrasing us. Pl advice.

06th May, 2021 (6 hours, 42 minutes ago)
Family Law
I am married last year but my wife leave me because my X girlfriend told her my

I am married last year but my wife leave me because my X girlfriend told my wife my skme old screats which can make conflicts between me and my wife .can i file a case against my X girlfriend

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