04th March, 2021 (1 hour, 20 minutes ago)
Property Law
Am married woman in Maharashtra. Want to buy farmland but noone in family farmer

Am married woman in Maharashtra. I want to buy agricultural land. But no one from our family is farmer. So I can not buy. But My father is a farmer. What should I do so that I will be eligible

04th March, 2021 (8 hours, 23 minutes ago)
Contracts & Legal Documentation / Agreements
Jurisidiction and Governing law

We have a software company in India (Parent Company) and subsidiaries in US and UK. Usually we sign the contract between Indian entity and any US client but the jurisdiction is decided as US. So in case of any future …

03rd March, 2021 (21 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Legal Notice
Loan Case

I have opened a MSME i.e. a paper plate industry with a loan from a central bank and finding it difficult to pay the loan. There is overdue of 2 months. What should I do in this situation?

01st March, 2021 (3 days, 5 hours ago)
Contracts & Legal Documentation / Agreements

I need to get a relinquenshment deed done in Mumbai for a property My mom passed away and she has put my name as 100 % successor in the form 14 submitted to society. I have a sister and she will sign the deed in my fav…

28th February, 2021 (3 days, 22 hours ago)
Startup Funding and Finances

I want to invest in crowdfunding via the platform crowdcube. Need suggestions. Thanks.

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