26th September, 2021 (52 minutes ago)
Property Law
Can I will my property which was gifted and registered

My Grandmother gifted a property to my father by registered deed. After my father died my uncle want to encroach my property. Can I will my property to anyone whom I want?

26th September, 2021 (1 hour, 12 minutes ago)
Family Law
Marriage under special marriage act

Can a indian man(hindu) marry a UAE woman(muslim) under special marriage act?what if the embassy of her don't give her NOC certificate ,is there any different way(You know what I mean) they can marry in india

26th September, 2021 (3 hours, 34 minutes ago)

I joined a firm as a distributor/ delivery person I paid the security amount. when it comes for delivery they given me high range of delivery from my stock. when I ask them for stock the asking me for more payment.

26th September, 2021 (13 hours, 12 minutes ago)
Civil Law
Father deceased.will nullified.three sons.two elder sons ego issue.

Hi, My late grandfather has lot of immovable property in our home town. He has three sons. Eldest son challenged the will and got it nullified. Now the two elder sons have ego issue among them are not consenting on divi…

26th September, 2021 (14 hours, 39 minutes ago)
Criminal Law
Gambling act 4 and 13 effect on government jobs

Hello Sir I am preparing for competitive exams and I want to know that I had been charged under section 4 and 13 of gambling act as well as 3 cases of section 13 of gambling act and in all these cases I paid penalty. B…

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