05th October, 2022 (3 hours, 23 minutes ago)
Motor Vehicle Act
I had purchased a second hand bike for 70 thousand

And I gave 65 thousand cash and 5 thousand after we had made a small agreement in a shop to but after some time the bike started to have many problems like engine work etc so I am not giving the balance money or

05th October, 2022 (3 hours, 58 minutes ago)
Civil Law
I have valid H1b, and got DUI. Is there will be a problem traveling back to US?

I have valid H1b untill Sep 2023. I had DUI on my name, charges dropped to wet reckless driving and case completed on Sep 6th 2022. I have travelled to India recently, will there be a problem in travelling back to US on…

05th October, 2022 (10 hours, 50 minutes ago)
Family Law
Family law

I'm an abused 23-year-old male, who's been a patient in many hospitals for the past 15 years with different diagnoses each time, with heavy doses of medication, I wound up abusing cigarettes and alcohol, things became e…

04th October, 2022 (14 hours, 1 minute ago)
Family Law
Muslim law of inheritance ( women's right)

I want to know about the inheritance of property under muslim law, there is a 3600 sq ft property in uttar pradesh, 2400 sq ft is registered in the name of a Muslim man (referred as husband later) and 1200 sq ft is regi…

04th October, 2022 (18 hours, 14 minutes ago)
Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Owner of property- Father last will was on name of mother. but, the mother died. property is mortgaged with bank on father's name. both sister's want to sell the property because they are unable to repay the loan, bu…

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