21st March, 2023 (52 minutes ago)
Employment and Labour Laws
How to get experience and relieving letter

Hi i have left my previous firm due to personal reasons while serving my notice period My experience letter is said that on hold How to get it

21st March, 2023 (1 hour ago)
i have given short notice from house owner to vacate the within 3 days

I have been residing in a house on rent since November 2020. It was alloted me from office side. Paying rent including maintenance charges. Due to some personal ups and downs i could not pay rent from June 2022. I paid …

21st March, 2023 (1 hour, 59 minutes ago)
Property Law
Parking place and Undivided portion of Land

At the time of Purchase of apartment the parking places were not marked and asked us to park the vehicle where ever vacant place was available,it went on for 4 years . Recently, when I was out of station, without my…

21st March, 2023 (2 hours, 15 minutes ago)
Family Law
Sale deed conversion

Want to convert gift deed to sale deed

21st March, 2023 (4 hours, 58 minutes ago)
Employment and Labour Laws
Recruitment Rules

When I was recruited in job, there was no RR. Now the RR is framed with same minimum qualification as I had at the time of recruitment. Due to effect of this RR from current date, I am huge loser. If there was any mista…

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