05th August, 2021 (31 minutes ago)
Seeking advise in case of guarantor for immovable property.

One of my relatives had avail loan 10 years ago from the cooperative bank for construction of commercial property for which I had signed as a guarantor. I believe that he was a constant defaulter to pay installment but …

05th August, 2021 (40 minutes ago)

I filed a NCR on a person in June 2021 because he was giving me threats on phone. And today I was with my friend at a place and we were doing our work and that person just passed from that route and he saw us and after …

04th August, 2021 (2 hours, 22 minutes ago)
General Advice

My father wants to give all of his property to me but sister wants all stake in it. My father does not want to give anything to her as she has issue related to state of the mind. My sister threatens me with jail for fal…

04th August, 2021 (3 hours, 6 minutes ago)
Criminal Law
04th August, 2021 (3 hours, 57 minutes ago)
Property Law

We have Sale deed, 4 survey numbers are mentioned in that, 2 survey numbers are already registered in my father name . Rest 2 there is a issue, it's in joint document. Now our other members are creating issue. Kind…

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