07th December, 2022 (16 hours, 24 minutes ago)
Recovery of money

Hi, I had lent 5 Lakh rs to my frd at the time of covid to my frd when she had lost her job. I really need the money back she is not giving me back.if my parents come to know what will happen. I really need an help, wit…

07th December, 2022 (23 hours ago)
EMI issue

Bought a car on loan in my name and is now it is being used by my relative. He was paying for the EMI as well. Now he has stopped paying EMI so the bank's are ready to take legal action against me. What are my option…

06th December, 2022 (1 day, 9 hours ago)
Property Law
Change name 7 12 8a

My husband name change from Merubhai tu jorubhai in 8a.. my husband expired.. no aadhar card or any legal documents.. varsai kese kavaye

06th December, 2022 (1 day, 9 hours ago)
Criminal Law
My ex girlfriend cheated on me and defrauded me.

My ex girlfriend cheated on me with multiple guys. She had proposed to me. On pretext of marriage she financially exploited me. She had abused me by taking control of my Netflix hotstar accounts. She had my sim card for…

06th December, 2022 (1 day, 13 hours ago)
Family Law
Wife is not comming back to my home

Hello my I was getting married in 2013. I am leaving in Gujarat and my wife is leaving in Maharashtra, I have 6 years old daughter and 4 years old son. Sometimes I was taking whiskey. And some time we both fight with ea…

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