Coimbatore | 18 Mar, 2021 (6 months, 1 week ago)

Franchising / Licensing


We were franchise of a Pan India Brand. we were induced to invest in their packaged drinking water stating higher returns. The investment on machinery, building etc were high compared to market value. Parent company i.e franchisor have exited packaged drinking water division. They haven't made clear that they will reenter same division later. They ultimate motive is not development of finished product and sell trough franchise, their aim was find investor sell machine and consumables and exit. They marketed during inception that they are catering to provide clean water to village / rural area and the sales are channelized trough self helping group and the investor job is to get orders and supply. After the franchisor collect amount for machinery, a new agreement was prepared and asked to sign. we hand no other options other than signing since we already invested in machinery and building. Bureau of Indian Standards raised objection in approving the brand name , our plant was ideal for almost 5 months again later one more agreement was signed, were committed marketing was not provided which led to poor sales and negative returns on investment.

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