If you are looking for a lawyer, you can start by clicking on find a lawyer at the top of the page. This will take you to the Find a Lawyer page, where you can search based on expertise and location. Expertise helps you find lawyers that are suitable for your requirement and location mentions where they practice.
The search works on Lawyered’s unique algorithm, which ranks Lawyers based on a number of key factors. The algorithm weighs in a lawyer’s website activity, response time, reviews, recommendations, expertise, location and other criteria, to provide the most appropriate and relevant results for the users.
All lawyers having a profile on Lawyered are genuine and have been approved to practice law by the Bar Council of India.
A lawyer’s profile has all the details you would require to contact him. You can use their office address, or contact them through their social media profile, if mentioned. Lawyers who have activated the Booking Calendar feature can be directly booked for an appointment without any upfront costs.


You can book an appointment with a lawyer directly from our website, only if their profile is capable of taking booking requests. You will be able to see a Book button on these profiles. Clicking on this button will direct you to the Booking Calendar where you can select from amongst the available Date and Time slot you would like to schedule a consultation. Filling up the required details and submitting will confirm your booking. We will also remind you a day before your appointment via Email and SMS.
Before you book a lawyer, you can request a call with him/her to discuss your case and see if the lawyer is a good match for your legal needs. The request is made once you verify your phone number, after which the lawyer will call you to take things forward.
If you cannot find the Book option on a lawyer you found, it means he is not using the awesome and seamless Booking Calendar feature of LawyeredPlus and there is no way of scheduling an appointment with him/her from our website. The lawyer is mainly on the platform to solve legal queries. You can try contacting him/her outside the platform if you need him.
A lawyer’s profile has been designed in a concise yet informative way. Going through a lawyer’s profile can give you insights about his expertise, experience and past clientele, making it easier for you to make the right choice.
If you have made a booking with a lawyer, we will notify you by Email after your appointment date to submit a review. Reviews are very important to us as they help future users to make an informed decision when choosing a lawyer, for the same reason we keep the review process under constant check and request users for timely and genuine feedbacks. If you did not book a Lawyer, but did use Lawyered to connect and consult with one, you can mail us at and we will send you the feedback form.
You can only recommend a lawyer if you have had a consultation with him/her. We focus on quality so that users like you can always make the right decision when choosing a lawyer. Keeping recommendations limited only to users who book appointments on Lawyered helps us achieve that.
Lawyered will never charge you for making appointments. All consultation fees or payments have to be made directly to the lawyer, depending on his preferred mode of payment. Lawyers sometimes also provide free consultation, in which case, usually the first consultation done to discuss case needs is totally free of cost.
As soon as you finish making an appointment with a lawyer, we notify you by SMS and Email. This will be a confirmation of the booking after which you can go ahead and meet the lawyer.

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