Bengaluru | 19 Jan, 2021 (2 years, 4 months ago)

Employment and Labour Laws

Will it be a legal issue if I quit the company without serving the notice period

I was having a lot of work pressure at my company. It's been 3 months I started working in that company. Till date I didn't get a salary account. I was receiving salary through cheques. With all the pressure and stress I left the job without serving any notice period. And I said the same to new joiner that there is no bank account or payslips. I didn't sign any legal agreements for the company. Now my boss is threatening me and abusing me that she will put a case on me and go legally mentioning that I corrupted the office decorum by telling negatively about the company to the new joiner. I am really confused and scared. Is it possible to put a legal case on this issue.
19 Jan, 2021 | 19:20

On the face of it, going by what you have stated, there doesn't seem to be any case made out. Merely giving a negative opinion to a subsequent recruit, does not violate any law. However this is only on the basis of what has been stated. In any case, it is for your former employer to act at this stage. If at all they choose to act against you, appropriate steps maybe taken then.


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